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Why Survival?

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  • Why survival and why a FREE 7 day online course. Watch this short video about survival gear and you will see different scenarios in which survival gear is used. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to these scenarios.

HEY THAT GEAR IS COOL! Yes but all the cool gear without KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS will not save your life. THIS IS YOUR STARTING POINT. 

This course is geared toward the Beginner and those just starting out.

  • Day 1 Understanding Survival
  • Day 2 Introduction to FWSF- Food Water Shelter Fire
  • Day 3 How to prioritize FWSF
  • Day 4 Mental Attitude
  • Day 5 Managing Natural Reactions
  • Day 6 Preparing Yourself
  • Day 7 Preparing Yourself Continued

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