Prepare Yourself So You Can Survive Any Disaster!

A GOOD survival plan       

begins here.


S – Size up the situation

U – Undue haste makes waste

R – Remember where you are

V – Vanquish Fear and Panic

I – Improvise

V – Value Living

A – Act like the natives

L – Learn Basic survival Skills

You Only Get ONE Chance At Survival

Knowledge is just the beginning. Survivalist Command Center is your resource for Leadership, Guidance, Information,Training and Gear. The best gear without knowledge, skills and training will get you killed. Start with the 7 day free online course. Beginner level.

The skills you will learn while pursuing survival adventure will build Self-esteem, Character, Self-confidence, Self-Reliance and trust in your own skills and abilities.

Survival gear or survival kit or bug out bag. The life saving equipment along with the emergency rations we need in a survival situation are critical for surviving challenging situations. Let the Survivalist Command Center help you obtain your knowledge through information, reviews, demos, and training so you will be able to make informed decisions that will keep you alive.

Online Courses coupled with live field events from seasoned instructors will help you attain the knowledge and skills needed to survive and thrive in potentially deadly situations.  Check our events page for future live training schedules and make plans to attend.

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